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The word “Mechanic” makes you think of a guy from the 1960’s named Joe, with dirty hands, smudged face, greasy clothes and a wrench in his pocket. The high school dropout who might not have the intellect to work on our complex cars today. Hence the term MECHANIC is quickly disappearing.
On the other hand, the word “Technician” conjures up mental pictures of a guy in a sterile lab coat who hasn’t had his hands dirty in his life. He may be able to think about what's wrong, but will he be man enough to dive into your car's problem to fix it?


The truth is that with today’s sophisticated cars, the good auto service technician must be a combination of diagnostic wizard, mechanical engineer, electrician, continuing student and great mechanic. It’s not glamorous work, but it's exciting work. Part detective, he must discover the problems and then, take the puzzle apart and put it back together again to work perfectly.
A great auto service technician is a combination of curiosity, constant study, refined intuition, well earned experience, deductive reasoning, strong arms and nimble fingers. Plus, he loves his job. To you, his job is extremely important. It keeps you on the road, getting you to work, school, shopping and vacation. It keeps your car reliable, from the day-to-day routine, to cross country trips or the late night emergency. A great auto service shop, with dedicated technicians, is worth its weight in gold to you. When you find a good shop, stick with it, and tell your friends about it, because we all need reliable transportation.

At Omaha Japanese Auto Repair - The Ability, Training And Experience Of The
Auto Repair Technicians Who Service Your Acura Or Honda - Means Everything.

Who Touches My Car?? - - you might ask - -  When we service your fine Honda or Acura automobile, only highly trained, experienced, tested and proven ASE Certified Master technicians-mechanics work on your car. Whatever it is that needs to be done, we put only the right man, with the right training, and the right parts, on the job to perform any and all Honda service or Acura service.

What Is An ASE Certified Master Technician? Do I Want Them Working On My Acura Or Honda?

YES! When it comes to servicing your fine Honda and Acura automobiles, if you love your car, the only technician you want working on your vehicle is an ASE Certified Master Technician! They are the best in the business! When you want your Acura or Honda fixed and maintained properly by an expert mechanic, you want a Master Tech working on it.

Honda service and Acura service is all we do, and we do it very well.

We are proud to have all Master Technicians working for us at Omaha Japanese Auto Repair. You sure won’t find that at the dealership! We are so sure of our Master Mechanics and our use of highest grade parts for your Honda service or Acura service, that we are not afraid to give you twice the normal warranty of other shops and even dealerships working on Honda or Acura cars. A full 24 months or 24,000 mile warranty on parts and labor.

If You Keep Up With The Maintenance On Your Acura And Honda Cars, You Help
Eliminate The Shock, Potential Danger And Huge Expense Of A Breakdown

By performing the Honda recommended maintenance service and following the Honda maintenance schedule, your Honda will run more efficiently, reliably, with less wear, better gas mileage and can give you twice the mileage of the same Honda whose owner does not do the Honda maintenance.

In the same way, your Acura maintenance is just as important. By following the Acura maintenance schedule and doing all the Acura recommended maintenance, your Acura will last years longer than one that is not properly maintained.

Keep this in mind when you are thinking about passing up one of your Acura or Honda recommended maintenance procedures – possibly just because you don’t want to spend the money right now. A $50 oil change and overall Honda or Acura inspection is much cheaper than a $5,000 engine replacement because the oil got dirty and seized up your engine.

Save Money And Help Eliminate Breakdowns By Doing Your Honda Maintenance
And Following The Honda Maintenance Schedule

And – Don’t forget your Honda maintenance service should be done at specific mileage increments for best results. Honda 30k service (30,000 miles), Honda 60k service (60,000 miles), and your Honda 90k service (90,000 miles). The great engineering designed into your Honda vehicle knows when your Honda will be in need of service before a breakdown may occur.

If you take good care of your Honda, by regularly performing the Honda maintenance service and regular oil changes and inspections, your Honda will take good care of you with many years of reliable, smooth running service, at a much lower cost to you.

If you live in Omaha, West Omaha or Millard, your Honda service or Acura service is close by. For Omaha Honda service, or Omaha Acura service contact us today – Omaha Japanese Auto Repair at 402-330-3571.

Save Money By Keeping Up With Your Acura Maintenance By Closely Following Your Acura Maintenance Schedule.
As in the information above for Honda automobiles, you must be diligent with your Acura maintenance by completing your Acura maintenance schedule at the prescribed mileage intervals.

The Acura maintenance schedule is as follows: Acura 30k service (30,000 miles), Acura 60k service (60,000 miles), Acura 90,000 mile service.

Keep up with your Acura maintenance and you will be surprised how long your Acura will serve you.

For Omaha Acura service, performed by highly trained and experienced ASE Certified Master Technicians, call us today, Omaha Japanese Auto Repair 402-330-3571.

Be Cautious Of Auto Repair Shops That Offer You The Lowest Prices for Your Honda Service Or Acura Service

For an automotive repair shop to stay in business, you need to deliver top quality auto service, friendly customer care, and still make a profit. If you don’t deliver all these things, you go out of business.

For any Honda repair shop or Acura repair shop to offer prices that seem too-good-to-be-true, they are most likely doing it by using low grade mechanics, they don’t have the proper (very expensive) diagnostic equipment for your car, and/or they could be giving you used, or cheap knock-off automotive parts, with little or no warranty.

Your fine Acura and Honda vehicle is too important for such treatment. So is your family. A reliable Honda or Acura needs to get you to work, the family to school, sports, entertainment, etc., and must be reliable so you won’t have a breakdown. It is just too dangerous to play with low priced auto repair.

You need to know, in advance, that the people doing your Honda service or Acura service are completely qualified, and really care about your vehicle and your family.

Exclusively servicing Honda and Acura automobiles.

What’s The Difference Between An Auto Repair Mechanic And An Automotive Repair Technician?

It’s basically the same thing. The word auto repair mechanic just got old and conjures up the image of a dirty, greasy guy in overalls that doesn’t know much. The name automotive repair technician was created to make them sound more sophisticated.

Remember, You Are Driving A Honda Or Acura – You Made A Very Good Choice

Honda and Acura - the finest automobiles on the planet. The advanced, reliable technologies designed into the Honda and Acura cars must be maintained to keep your Honda and Acura reliable and working to peak performance.

No matter if you call them an auto repair mechanic or automotive service technician, our Honda service and Acura service people are the very best and know completely the highly sophisticated systems in your Honda and Acura automobiles. Systems like – auto diagnostic computer chips, Acura auto lubrication, Honda car suspension, Acura automobile brakes, Honda sophisticated transmission technology and dozens of other automotive systems that were not even around 20 years ago.

And your technician must have the ability to diagnose your auto repair problems on all these systems and perform the perfect auto service solutions and maintenance - to keep your Honda and Acura vehicle running to perfection.

At Omaha Japanese Auto Repair, we have the right Honda repair and Acura repair technicians, the right automotive service diagnostic equipment, the right training, experience and a respect for your car - all right here in Omaha, West Omaha and Millard - for over 19 years.

The Service You Expect At Prices That Make Sense

Acura and Honda cars, SUVs, minivans and trucks are all we do, and we do them very well.

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