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The Most Important Auto Service Tip You Will Ever Get For Your Honda or Acura automobile?
Change Your Oil Regularly. Fresh Oil Is The Life Blood Of Your Engine.

Set up a regular schedule for your Honda oil change and Acura oil change. Regular oil changes on your Honda or Acura and keeping up with your Honda scheduled maintenance or your Acura scheduled maintenance keeps your car running reliably and saves you money by eliminating high cost auto repair.

If You Want To Avoid Costly Breakdowns Leading To Expensive Auto Repair, Nothing Is More
Important To Your Honda and Acura Than These Three Basic Procedures.

  1. Honda oil change or Acura oil change. Timely oil changes - every 3,000 miles for regular oil and 5,000 miles for synthetic oil – even sooner if you are towing. Regular oil changes can help eliminate most of the problems that create the need for high cost auto repair. Combine that with regularly scheduled Honda maintenance and Acura scheduled maintenance and you can almost eliminate breakdowns and the high costs associated with a breakdown because of high repair costs. Keep up with your Honda maintenance and Acura maintenance and watch the dollars spent on auto repair almost vanish.
  2. Let us give your Acura or Honda car, pickup truck, SUV or minivan a FREE overall car condition inspection with each oil change to make sure that all systems are working properly. Catching problems before they happen can save you a fortune on the much higher cost of Honda repair or Acura repair.
  3. Honda maintenance and Acura maintenance. Timely, recommended scheduled maintenance, at the recommended manufacturer’s mileage intervals, is critical. Your Honda or Acura manufacturer provides you with a scheduled maintenance program because they know exactly how much time and wear their parts can take before service or replacement is needed. Ignoring the Honda scheduled maintenance and Acura recommended maintenance service is inviting part failures that could cause an accident or leave you stranded on the road. Automotive maintenance is your number one way to keep your car running reliably and avoiding costly auto repair.
  4. For the benefit of your bank account, Honda service (in other words, Honda maintenance service where we are making sure that all the systems on your Honda is maintained) is always much better than Honda repair (meaning - getting your Honda repaired instead - due to a breakdown and having to put in new Honda parts rather than just maintaining your current, perfectly good Honda automobile). To keep your checkbook full, Acura service, performed within the regularly scheduled mileage intervals, is far better than Acura repair for exactly the same reason.

Automotive Maintenance Is Cheap. Auto Repair And Replacement Parts Are Expensive.

If you want to save money on your Acura or Honda repair – DON’T REPAIR! – But how can I avoid repairs? By performing your Honda maintenance service or Acura maintenance service - following closely the regularly scheduled maintenance, as required by Honda and Acura. If you don’t follow the Honda service maintenance schedule or the Acura recommended maintenance, you have only yourself to blame for almost any and all breakdowns with your vehicle. A bold, but true statement, never intended to be harsh, intended rather to emphasize just how important your Acura and Honda maintenance actually is.

You Can Save Up To $8 In Auto Repair Expenditures For Every $1 You Spend On Maintenance!

By keeping up with your oil changes, brake and transmission fluid changes, having a regular car condition inspection with each oil change and performing on time scheduled maintenance, you can save up to $8 in auto repair expenditures for every $1 you spend on maintenance for your Honda or Acura automobile.

Maintenance finds and fixes your car problems before things break! Once your Honda or Acura breaks down, you now enter The Auto Repair And Replacement Zone, where automotive costs can go up 8 to 1. Honda maintenance service and Acura scheduled service are so very, very inexpensive by comparison.

Wise Honda and Acura Owners, Who Are In-The-Know, Perform Regular Honda and Acura Automotive Maintenance And Service To Save Money, By Not Having To Do Expensive Honda and Acura Automotive Repair.

For example: Let’s say your Honda air conditioning starts to blow hot air and no matter what you do to get it cold again, it just won’t work. The normal driver’s response is to turn the A/C up full blast and just hope it cools down.

However – if you do this – be ready to spend about $1,000 or more on the Honda repair that is sure to happen. Here’s why. Such a condition can be caused by a simple freon leak from your A/C system. It can be checked out, repaired and refilled with freon for maybe $50 to $100.

The problem? The freon carries the compressor lubricant. If you don’t shut down your A/C system as soon as it starts to blow hot, you are running your compressor without lubricant and it will burn out. BAM! A $1,000 unexpected expense for auto repair instead of a simple $50 to $100 maintenance. See what we mean Honda and Acura owners?

Every system in your car has little things just like that, that can turn simple maintenance – that was ignored - into a major auto repair. So, get your Acura and Honda service taken care of and in for regular maintenance and spend $1 for Honda maintenance instead of $8 for Honda repair. It's just that simple!

Be wise. Regular Acura Scheduled Maintenance Or Honda Service Can Eliminate
The Need For Most High Cost Auto Repair Expenditures.

Omaha Japanese Auto Repair has all the tools, training, expertise, equipment and know-how to keep your Acura or Honda maintenance up to new car specifications!

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