Honda Oil Change Omaha, Millard, Elkhorn Nebraska

Honda Oil Change Omaha, Millard, Elkhorn Nebraska. For Honda owners who want the very best auto repair, service and maintenance, without the high dealership prices, waiting and hassles.

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Your Honda oil change and free car condition inspection can save you thousands of dollars in major car repair costs. This is done by catching possible problems before they start. Car repair is expensive. Car maintenance is cheap.

Omaha Japanese Auto Repair is a small auto repair, service and maintenance shop that specializes in Honda and Acura automobiles only. From the simple Honda oil change to major engine overhauls and transmission work – we do it all.

But do they know their stuff? Are they fully qualified to perform Honda service, repair and maintenance on my car?

They may be a small auto repair shop. But Omaha Japanese Auto Repair uses ONLY ASE Certified MASTER Technicians. The top 7% of the industry!! You won’t find that level of quality personnel even at the dealership.

But doesn’t a simple oil change seem to be a menial task for a fully qualified Master Technician? Isn’t that overkill? NO! Not at all!

Why? Because the oil change is only a small part of what we do for your Honda. We also include a free car condition inspection. This allows our Master Technicians to look over your car to make sure everything is in good working order.

The very best way to save money on your automotive expenses is to catch a problem before it starts. How can you do this? By checking critical parts, systems and components to make sure they are all working properly. Every time you come in for your Honda oil change, we will give you a free car condition inspection.

If we find a problem, we can usually fix it with a minor adjustment. Maybe change out a hose or belt that is going bad. These things are cheap compared to letting them wait.

Why? Because waiting just one more time before you service something, may be one time too many. A blown hose or a broken belt can cause you car to stop pumping coolant to the engine.

  • So the engine overheats and you blow your motor.
  • 25 miles from home.

Now your costs go up from changing out a hose – to a full blown engine replacement. And the insurance company does not cover negligence.

It isn’t worth it to skip critical automotive maintenance. It can be much more expensive:

  • In personal safety.
  • The danger of being stranded.
  • The potential of causing an accident.
  • The high cost and hassle of having to be towed.
  • And – the huge costs of having to shell out for a major automotive repair and parts.

Now you are talking about a cost of $4,000 to $7,000 or more to get towed and have the engine replaced. Not to mention the dangerous position of being alone on the road at night.

NO. A regular synthetic Honda Oil Change every 5,000 miles can not only keep your oil clean. When you come to our shop – it can keep you from costly, dangerous breakdowns and high repair costs. That is why we do a car condition inspection for every Honda that comes in for oil change service.

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And just look at this incredible warranty! We are so sure of our staff and the Honda parts we use – that we give you double the average warranty. All with a full 24 months or 24,000 miles warranty on parts and labor. Even most dealerships give you only a 12/12 warranty.

The next time you need a Honda oil change, why not call us. Give us a try. You just might find out that Omaha Japanese Auto Repair is exactly the Honda repair shop you have been looking for.
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Print out this article and bring it in for a great deal on your Honda Oil Change. Right along with a FREE car condition inspection.                                                                      

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