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Honda AC Service For Omaha And Millard NE. It’s that time of year again where your Honda air conditioning (AC) needs to be inspected for potential service problems.

It’s time for a Honda AC service inspection. It is critically important to have your air conditioning checked out at the beginning of each summer season. Just to make sure that everything in your cabin cooling system is operating at peak performance. Because no-one wants to be stuck out in the heat, with their auto air conditioner not working. Or even worse. To have a costly breakdown.

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Honda air conditioning service early in the summer season can – not only keep you cool. It can also save you $500 to $1,000 in repair costs by preventing your AC system from breaking down.

Don’t wait for hot weather to find out your car air conditioner is not working properly. The last thing you want to have is a $1,000 air conditioner breakdown. Honda AC service is available right her in Omaha and Millard NE. We have a quick and inexpensive Honda air conditioning inspection service that will assure you keep cool this summer.

Service, Maintenance and Repair for Honda Air Conditioning Systems.

We are so used to having perfect air conditioning in our car because Honda vehicles are so very reliable. That is why we work on Honda and Acura cars only. They are our specialty.

Yes – our name is Omaha Japanese Auto Repair. But the only Japanese cars we do service, maintenance and repair on – are Acura and Honda.

In addition, we have only ASE Certified MASTER Technicians. The top 7% of the industry. You won’t find that at the dealership. This is Honda service at its absolute best.

Using the same factory diagnostic testing equipment and tools, there is nothing the dealership can do that we cannot do. But we do it at prices below the dealership.

The Lower Cost Dealership Alternative To Honda AC Service. Omaha Japanese Auto Repair.

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Expert Honda AC Service, Repair and Maintenance. To make sure you air conditioner can make it all the way through the hot summer season.

There is nothing more comforting than to know that your car is at peak performance. When you keep up with your regular scheduled maintenance, you can be confident that your car will be working properly.

Add to that regular oil changes and your Honda seems almost invincible. In fact, owners who take their cars in regularly for an oil change and free car inspection, will have the most reliable cars on the road. Why?

Because Honda vehicles are ranked at the top of the list for reliable, well engineered cars. You would be hard pressed to find a better one. Even at a higher price. If you keep up with the oil changes and maintenance, reliability, long life and much less auto repair expense is what you will get.

So, the next time your Honda needs AC service or an oil change, why not give us a try. Let our ASE Certified MASTER Technicians look over your car.

We will change your oil. Do a full car inspection. And – will inspect your auto air conditioning to make sure everything is in good working order.

Take a look at the warranty below. 24 months or 24,000 miles on parts and labor. Double the warranty of most dealerships and other independent auto service and and repair shops.

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Honda AC Service to keep you cool this summer. By Omaha Japanese Auto Repair.

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