Honda Service For Omaha, Millard, Chalco and Elkhorn Nebraska NE

Honda Service For Omaha, Millard, Chalco and Elkhorn Nebraska NE. Where ASE Certified MASTER Technicians are the only people who work on your car. The top 7% of the industry.

For Honda owners who are looking for the very best repair service in Omaha. Without the high dealership prices, impersonal atmosphere and the high pressure sales tactics of the dealership.

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When you love your Honda enough to get the very best auto service available. At prices below the dealership. You’ll love it here.

The first thing you will notice at Omaha Japanese Auto Repair is the friendly staff. Plus, you will be surrounded by Honda and Acura automobiles. Why? Because Honda products are the only cars we service. And all the other car owners at the shop with you will be Honda owners as well. It’s almost like going to a Honda club meeting.


Using full factory diagnostic equipment and tools.
The same equipment the dealership uses. With All ASE Certified MASTER Technicians.
The Top 7% of the industry.
You won’t find that even at the dealership.
With the most friendly, respectful staff you will ever meet.
Surrounded by other drivers who love the same car you do.

Here is a perfect example of the difference. The difference between high cost auto repair and low cost auto maintenance service.

The secret is very simple. Keep up with your oil changes and regularly scheduled maintenance service and you will almost eliminate breakdowns and the high costs of repair and replacement parts.

AC Condenser vs Freon Honda Service For Omaha, Millard, Chalco and Elkhorn Nebraska NE

Nothing keeps your car young and your wallet full like regular oil changes. Get our free Honda inspection service to find and stop expensive repair problems before they start.

How do I keep my car running to perfection?
Regular Honda oil change and FREE car inspection.

How can I get 150,000 to 200,000 miles out of my car?

Regular Honda oil change and FREE car inspection.

How can I save money by eliminating expensive repairs?

Regular Honda oil change and FREE car inspection.

It sounds so simple, but the fact is, regular Honda oil change service can double the life of your car – and save you tons of money. Why?

When you bring your car in for an oil change service, we do a complete inspection of your automobile.

To make sure all systems are functioning properly.

We look for automotive safety issues. We look for premature wear and tear on all moving auto parts.

We look at your tires, all fluids, brakes, belts, hoses and cables, etc.

If anything unusual is found, we bring it to your attention immediately.

The secret to saving money on auto repair is finding the developing problem early. Before something breaks, leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

How do you help eliminate dangerous breakdowns?  You keep bringing your car in regularly for an oil change and free inspection.

Why is a regular oil change and inspection so critically important?
Because the oil change keeps the oil clean.
It keeps your engine parts running smooth and cool.
Because the Free Car Condition Inspection allows us to check your car over.
Looking to see that everything is running to factory specification.
That all your systems, belts and hoses are tight and working properly.
Honda air conditioning, AC, brakes, steering, alignment, wheel bearings, timing belt are all in good repair, or do they need service.

If you car is showing any premature wear in any system on your car, we will explain it to you and show you what needs to be done.

When you catch a problem BEFORE a breakdown, the solution can be 10 to 30 times less expensive that having to replace expensive parts, motors, pumps, etc. 

Honda Service, Repair and Maintenance At Its Very Best

However, many car owners don’t come in for regular oil changes. So they don’t get a regular car inspection. Without a regular inspection, you don’t know if your car has a problem until you actually have a break down. And breakdowns take you into a whole new level of auto repair and service costs. Repair is expensive. Maintenance is cheap.

For example: A Honda air conditioning condenser replacement service and installation could cost you up to $1,200.

However, if you had come in for your regular oil change, we would have checked your air conditioner Freon level. If the Freon was low, it would cost $25 to $50 to add a can or two.

Why Freon? The Freon carries the oil lubricant that keeps the condenser oiled, cool and running smoothly. Without it, the condenser will burn up and stop running. 90% of the time, there is nothing you can do to repair the condenser. It simply must be replaced with a new one.

That is where the higher repair and replacement prices start to kick in. This is the high cost of auto repair that you are trying to avoid. The only way to avoid it is through regular maintenance.

There is nothing you can do that will save you more money and keep your car from breaking down than simple maintenance. It is well worth the inconvenience of bringing your Honda in for an oil change and inspection every 3 months or 3,000 miles for a regular oil change. Or every 6 months or 6,000 miles for synthetic oil. Now this is Honda service that can save you big money and make your car last years longer.

So the next time you need an oil change service for your fine Honda automobile, why not give us a try. Call right now for your appointment. 402-330-3571

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The warranty tells you a lot about the Honda auto repair service shop you are going to. It tells you just how confident they are with their auto repair skills, parts and procedures. It tells you how dedicated they are to your satisfaction. Come and find out why Omaha Japanese Auto Repair is so confident in their service.

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