Acura Service By Omaha Japanese Auto Repair

Acura Service By Omaha Japanese Auto Repair

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Acura Service, maintenance and repair for Omaha and Millard. 21 years experience. Full factory diagnostic equipment. Friendly, respectful service. At prices below the dealership.

Acura Service By Omaha Japanese Auto Repair. For your fine Acura automobile. Acura – an undisputed world class car. Acura is a state of the art, high tech, performance ride. With the perfect mixture of handling, power and interior luxury. Very few vehicles in the world are this magnificent and versatile.

But, this is not a car you take to any old auto repair shop. If a shop says, “All Makes And Models” run. If they are not an Acura expert, drive right on by. It is not worth the risk.

To perform Acura service properly, you must have the knowledge, experience and proper training. But above all you must have - the Acura factory diagnostic equipment and tools. To diagnose your Acura pin-point-accurately you absolutely must have this equipment. Anything less is simply an educated guess. But few have it.

That explains why you can take your Acura to a shop for service and be told the problem was fixed. But, you drive home, just to have to take it back again the next day. At last they find the real problem. But most likely, you will have to pay for both repairs. That does not happen here.

Omaha Japanese Auto Repair has been doing Acura repair, service for 21 years.

21 Year Seal Acura Service By Omaha Japanese Auto Repair

Expert Acura Service for 21 years. Factory diagnostic equipment, friendly, respectful service at prices lower than the dealership.

Complete factory diagnostic equipment, tools and training. Plus the experience to supply your every need. No one can do it better. Not even the dealership.

And you don’t have to put up with the high dealership prices for your Acura repair.

You won’t find a more friendly, respectful group of Acura service professionals anywhere in Nebraska.

So, when you need an Acura oil change, AC or brake service, scheduled maintenance, or major engine repair, we can do it all right here.

Why not call right now? Set up your appointment to come in to give us a try. You will be surprised how this small, personal shop will treat you and your car.

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Acura service, scheduled maintenance, oil change or repair for Omaha and Millard Nebraska.

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